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How Prophet Muhammad Deal With Racism?

I don't know if this will be a new thing for you, but I've heard the story about Bilal Ibn Rabah, an enslaved black man punished for embraced Islam and followed the teachings of Prophet Muhammad.

Apparently I was Wrong About Google's Index

Yes, I was wrong for saying that Google hates my new blog . Just about yesterday, I checked the index coverage on Google manually by using this query; . And the result was amazing knowing that an article consists only around 87 words can be perfectly found on Google. The other two which I believe have got less words than the first one are also experiencing the same. They finally being indexed along with some other URLs I haven't seen before.

Google Hates My New Blog

I've created a new blog using and the first published post was on 28th July 2021. Up until today, the amount of posts are exactly 20. Here is the blog I'm talking about: . The sad part is, the only indexed page was the homepage itself. I thought it won't getting any worst since sometime, the homepage URL itself keep missing from Google SERP. Meaning that there is not actually any single URLs are being indexed.

"I Can't Write, Therefore I Can't Blog"

I've asked my friends, some of them to blog about anything they are interesting in. Unfortunately, no matter how easy it is to create a blog and the posts, many of them said no due to the belief that they can't write. But in my opinion, they can't because they have no interest at all in blogging and that's good if they know what they don't want to do.

Get Paid $1,500 to Go Camping and Rate Your Sleep Experience

Getting paid $1,500 while camping and rating your sleep experience sounds too good to be true, right? But that's the real legit deal and could be a dream job for many.

Instagram Reels officially released in Indonesia

I hope it will be safe and relevant to say that Instagram Reels can be a big competitor to TikTok as a video-sharing platorm. And it is now officially released in Indonesia where users are able to create multi-clip videos up to 30 seconds, adding AR filters and music and many more.

Easy practice to get BTC using A-Ads

Guys, the world have been knowing how worthy the Bitcoin is and so do you. Every single piece and each Satoshis of it are valuable especially when counting the volume against other crypto assets. But let me remind you again that if you're out of budget like me or a bit worry to get BTC through trading due to the loss it may cause or you don't trust any exchanges to store your fund, think about the free yet profitable way to earn it. I am pretty much sure it will really worth trying. Previously, I have talked about how I get BTC for free and some of them may not suit you. But there is one mentioned way I've stated which was to accumulate using ads network and my best experience so far is using Anonymous Ads (A-Ads). There are reasons why you may want to try it.