Quantity Over Quality in Blogging

Don't make other people especially bloggers stopping you from sharing contents in your own blog. Even if you are only able to publish a thin content contained with only an image and 20 words today, just do it!

Write it down and go click on Publish button.

Even if the others including me are telling you to write quite length posts, just focus on yourself and your own ability.

Quantity over quality. That's not a trick, that's a strategy!

Best Time for Me to Use PNG Images for Blog Post

There are 3 popular formats of image that I usually being used them in my blog posts which are PNG, JPEG and JPG.

Among these 3 formats, my favorite one is PNG for one main reason: high quality images to get with low file size after editing process so I could save more of my blog's storage (hosting).

But just because I faves it so much, then all images will be turned into PNG. There are certain times I won't think about it at all and times I think it must be an image format I have to use.